Ultraflora - Testimonial

"I bought 2 bottles of Metagenics Ultra Flora IB 30C from vitamindiscountexpress through Amazon. This is an extremely pricey supplement, but it was offered at $34.8l p/bottle, compared to retail $54.75 ... a Blessing! I am looking to repeat this deal as I will be a life-time user of Metagenics Ultra Flora IB."

- By Grace on March 31, 2012


"Excellent product - really works. Quickly shipped and packed in ice. Easy to swallow. Does not upset stomach.Recommend buying and taking daily."

- By Bizbiz on January 18, 2012


"This company is the best that I tried. last 2 years I was suffering from constant constipation, yeast infection and bacterial vaginitis that would come back after my treatments until one of the nurses suggested me to try this probiotic (60 billion active bacteria). It's been 6 months I drink one capsule a day and I don't have any problems anymore. I've tried other companies but never been satisfied. So I would suggest to use this company."

- By Buyer on February 28, 2013


"These are supposed to remain refrigerated to maintain potency. The listing advertised them as shipped cold, but they were not. I can go to local store and purchase refrigerated for $2-$3 more so will now go back to doing that."

- By David Tyler on June 2, 2014